The Westfield Employee Panel is a group of Westfield’s employees and retirees who have been pre-screened and have expressed a willingness to participate in various research initiatives. Members are full-time, part-time, seasonal/intern, and retired employees.

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What is the Westfield Employee Panel?

  • The Westfield Employee Panel is a group of Westfield’s employees and retirees who have been pre-screened and have expressed a willingness to participate in various research initiatives. Members are full-time, part-time, seasonal/intern, and retired employees.

How do employees and retirees join the Westfield Employee Panel?

  • Respondents become panelists by opting-in and completing a profiling questionnaire, which allows us to target specific surveys to the appropriate audience.
  • Employees and retirees can join by going to WeConnect and clicking the “Join the Employee Panel” link under Employee Involvement. This link will take you into our profiling questionnaire. Once this is completed, you will become a panel member. If you do not have WeConnect access, you can contact Lisa Kozlowski at 330-887-0562. You must have Internet access and a valid email address in order to join.

Who is Vision Critical?

  • Vision Critical is a firm with custom panel experts who leverage a suite of innovative online tools to create highly engaged advisory panels. The company employs more than 65 market researchers, marketers, client service specialists, and software developers.
  • Vision Critical was selected to manage the Westfield Employee Panel because they provide experience, expertise, ongoing support, and flexibility. Their customers include Burger King, CNBC, Coca-Cola, and Time Warner. We have been working with Vision Critical on the Westfield Agency Panel since 2007 and they have provided excellent service.

How does the panel work?

  • Employees and retirees can join the panel through a link on the Intranet that will direct them to our profiling questionnaire. The information collected on the profiling questionnaire is used to target future studies to the right audience.
  • Those who volunteer to join may receive email invitations several times a year requesting their participation in research about various Westfield-related topics. Responses are anonymous and are not tied to members’ name or agency name.
  • Rewards, such as sweepstakes drawings or other intrinsic rewards will be offered periodically to encourage participation.

What types of surveys will I be asked to take?

  • Employees will be asked to participate in surveys that pertain to them. Examples include giving feedback on a Cup of Joe meeting or other large-scale meetings; feedback or perceptions on topics like safety and information security; feedback and improvement suggestions for Westfield Market; perceptions of new markets Westfield may want to pursue; and many other topics.
  • Feedback on Westfield University courses and anything related to performance management will NOT be conducted via the panel. The panel will replace SurveyMonkey for all corporate research with employees, though it may still be used by some departments for non-research-related tasks.
  • Participation in all surveys is voluntary and all survey responses are confidential.

Does my name or employee ID appear with my survey answers?

  • No. Although the ARC Research and Insight team has access to your name and employee ID, we do not tie these to your survey answers unless we explicitly ask for your permission to do so, which is rare. Your survey responses are completely anonymous and are reported on an aggregate level, i.e., all participants’ responses are reported together, not individually.
  • What if I need to obtain employee feedback or opinions on a work-related matter?
  • Contact Lisa Kozlowski, ARC Research and Insight Leader, at ext. 430-0562 and she will direct you to the right person to help you with your research needs.

What are the benefits for members?

  • Being a member of the Westfield Employee Panel allows you to offer your insights, opinions, and feedback on various topics, including potential new markets and new products, working environment, meeting satisfaction, benefits, and much more. We use your insight to help us make decisions that affect Westfield and our employees. Your voice can help us make sure Westfield is making the right decisions. Panel membership allows you to:
    • Share your candid thoughts and opinions;
    • Influence communications, services, and tools Westfield provides to its agency partners and customers;
    • Receive key research findings and implications that could affect you; and
    • Learn what Westfield is doing with survey results.

What are the benefits for Westfield?

  • The panel offers Westfield’s ARC Research and Insight department a fast and affordable way to conduct research. Providing quick and instant access for fast turn-around, the panel is more efficient than traditional research methods.
  • The panel allows us to become more involved and provide metrics throughout each aspect of a project or program launch.
  • The panel allows us to keep the rest of the company informed of employee/retiree survey results and actions Westfield is taking based on those results.

What if I decide not to be panel member?

  • Panel membership is completely voluntary. Membership provides you the opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions to continuously improve Westfield. If you decide not to join the panel, you will miss out on this opportunity.
  • If you join the panel and eventually decide to discontinue your membership, you can unsubscribe at any time through the panel Web site or by contacting ARC Research and Insight.


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